Our Top 3 Second Hand ‘Secondary Vehicle’ Picks of 2020

For many families, one vehicle just doesn’t cut it when juggling the tasks of the day-to-day.

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Dropping off the kids, rushing to work, the weekly grocery shopping are only a few of the many tasks that require you to be in several places at once. 

This is when many families find themselves in search of a second vehicle. One that doesn’t break the bank but will run smoothly enough to get the job done time after time.

But we’re not suggesting that you need to sacrifice quality for expense. With so many modern cars sitting comfortably in the £5,000 price bracket, you won’t have a problem keeping up appearances as a business owner.

Here are our top 3 ‘secondary vehicle’ picks of 2020.


The City Slicker – Mini Cooper 2011

Of course, we could suggest that you go for a arguably more sensible option such as a Honda Jazz. But are you really going to have the same amount of fun as you would zipping around corners in this British classic?

Life’s too short to even consider being that reasonable. Rather, let your hair down and live a bit, by driving a Mini. Not any old Mini, the best, the Cooper. Don’t listen to the Mini naysayers. This is one of the few city cars that pulls off safe, stylish, fun and affordable all at once.


The Outdoorsman – Suzuki Jimny 2007

It’s no Jeep, but at a morsel of the cost, you can find yourself tackling the same rough terrain as them. Not only that, but according to the ReliabilityIndex it’s the most dependable 4×4 that money can buy.

You won’t be buying this motor for luxury or refinement. This ugly duckling is an acquired taste and is certainly a fun car to take off the beaten track to get a little mucky!


The Biz – BMW Z4 Roadster 2004

We didn’t say anything about being practical!

BMW has brought out some awesome Roadsters in recent years. But settle with a £5,000 budget and you could bag yourself a second hand 2004 release with ease.

You’ll forget all about its age when you’ve got the roof down, gazing over the extended bonnet, firing its straight-six cylinders as you zoom to wherever point-B is.

Admittedly, the road tax and fuel bills might set you back more than intended. But unlike many other BMWs, these 2004 Roadsters are much more realistically priced when purchasing and maintaining. Let your hair down and indulge a bit with this one.

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